CH in the Community

Surrey Schools Coalition

The Surrey Schools Coalition or SSC was formed in late 2016 after Canadian Horizons became aware of significant school overcrowding in the high growth areas of the City of Surrey.  Many Surrey schools had significant amounts of portables and some schools were closed to new students due to lack of space.  Canadian Horizons was the key initiator of bringing voices together within the City of Surrey to help educate and push for more funding for capital projects in the City of Surrey.  To date, SSC has been a key element in the investment of over $250 million for new school sites in the City of Surrey.  Thankfully, several new schools are now under construction in high growth areas of the City and future new school sites have been purchased. 

The Surrey Schools Coalition is not currently active, but we continue to watch growth within the City of Surrey and will be ready to restart our advocacy when needed.

For more information, please visit www.surreyschoolscoalition.com.

Pacific Heights Playground

As part of our Pacific Heights development, Canadian Horizons identified a community need at the local elementary school Pacific Heights elementary. This school is at capacity, but even worse, their playground was out of date and was slated to be demolished in September 2016. We worked with the PAC and donated the full amount ($100,000) to construct a new playground for the kids. The new families that will move into our Pacific Heights development will get to enjoy the new playground, as will the entire surrounding community.