Current Projects

Grandview Area 5

South Surrey, BC

Canadian Horizons is currently working with the City of Surrey, local residents, and stakeholder groups on a Neighbourhood Concept (NCP) for what is known as Grandview Heights (Area 5) in South Surrey. Commencing in late 2020, Canadian Horizons began acquiring strategic properties within this large future neighbourhood. This will continue Canadian Horizons' over 16 years history in the City of Surrey. 

Through December 2021 and January 2022, the project team was actively engaged with residents in the neighbourhood to confirm that they were receptive to the NCP process. Through this public outreach, Canadian Horizons received support from local residents and submitted a formal petition to Surrey staff in February 2022. Surrey staff are currently reviewing the petition. We anticipate that Stage 1 of the NCP will commence in late 2022. 

Canadian Horizons looks forward to working with the City and the community to ensure a complete community is planned.  Stay tuned for further updates.  


Pacific Heights East

South Surrey, BC

In 2017, Canadian Horizons purchased 18 acres of land in the Grandview neighbourhood of Surrey, within the Darts Hill Neighbourhood (Area 3). Canadian Horizons actively participated in the neighbourhood planning process engaging with local residents, and stakeholder groups, before moving our parcels through the approval process.

As the Darts Hill Neighbourhood Concept Plan was successfully approved in May 2021, a new community was born out of that extensive collaborative process. We proposed 245 townhomes, park space, trails, and the community detention pond as part of our formal rezoning application.  We are looking forward to the first families moving into the neighbourhood.

For more information on the Surrey Darts Hill NCP process, please see the link below: